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A biosphere light!

Our solar lamp LED is on all the continents of the world used by the protagonists of the energy change.

Joel Stewart and Leonida Bombace

The secretary of Cetri gives the captain of the Rainbow Warrior lantern LED Solar Charging to illuminate the nights on the ship.

Jeremy Rifkin and Angelo Consoli

Presented to the Chamber of Deputies with the well-known economist and the director of its European office project of solar LED lamp that lights the fuel poverty.

Father Francis Limo Riwa and her children

And ‘it arrived in Kenya the first solar-powered lantern. Africa has come in the hands of Father Francis who runs the two local orphanages in Santa Clara and San Francisco for a total of about 1,000 children. Lantern donated by Digital Natives 1 × 1. Project in India. Project in Amazon Forest, Peru ( South America ).

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